Busy Body Fitness West Boca Group Fitness Class Schedule for June 2024

Class Descriptions

Barre Bootcamp

Inspired by ballet, this high intensity barre class targets your arms, core, thighs and booty to help you create a long, lean dancer’s body.


The original LES MILLS™ barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast! Great bodies aren’t born, they are transformed, using the proven BODYPUMP™ formula: THE

Butts & Guts

this class will focus on strengthening and toning the lower body and core. The class can be modified for all levels of fitness. We will incorporate various “toys” such as Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gliding discs, and introducing the new booty pro boards…this class will leave you feeling BootyFul!!!!

Cardio Interval

This class alternates high intensity cardio interval, (such as plyometrics) with lower intensity strength exercises. The intervals challenge the body by bringing the heart rate up and down for the best calorie burn.

Cardio Sculpt

This is a choreographed class with Hi/low impact aerobics and strength exercises using dumbbells.

Dance Jam

This fun class is anything goes….disco, pop, reggae ,hip hop, funk and more. Have fun, sweat and burn calories in this energetic dance class.

Hatha Yoga

This is a general category that includes most yoga styles. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.


Mat Pilates is a way to stretch and strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core, which span from your hips to your shoulders. Based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, this class


This total body workout uses principles of High Intensity Interval Training. Each week the class is different. The instructor uses body weight, dumbbells, barbells, balls, bands etc, to give the participants an intense workout. The class can still be modified for beginners!

Silver Sneakers 1 range of Motion

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated exercises and standing support. This class can be adapted by the student depending on their fitness level and abilities. It is suitable for beginning to intermediate skill levels….

Silversneakers II

Circuit-Experience standing, low-impact choreography alternated with standing upper-body strength work. This class is suitable for nearly every fitness level, and your instructor can adapt the exercises depending on your skill

Silversneakers Yoga

Move through seated and standing yoga poses designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of movement. Finish with restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation to promote reduced stress and mental clarity….


The perfect combination of martial arts, aerobics and choreography. A HIGH intensity class with a plus! Class may be modified for all levels.


Born in the U.S. Navy SEALs and developed by Fitness Anywhere®, TRX Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

Yoga (with Carole)

This gentle yoga class will teach you to relax your mind and your body. You will leave the class feeling stretched, and “fresh”. This class also sometimes uses mediation, and you must arrive on time.


A fusion of Latin and International music / dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN AND EASY TO DO.” The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

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